G3 Bassinet


A bassinet for the 21st century: use it on its own as a moses-basket, or seamlessly transition from using it on the Rocker Base (sold separately) as a cradle, to docking it onto the Stroller Base (sold separately) as a designer pram.

  • docks and rotates on all Orbit Baby strollers and rockers, including the Helix Plus™ Double Stroller Upgrade Kit, with the patented SmartHub™ system
  • includes removable cover to keep your baby warm
  • lightweight bassinet collapses to 6 in (15 cm) high to fit in your suitcase
  • patented pull-down Paparazzi Shield™ to protect your newborn from the elements
  • breathable aero-mesh mattress insert and soft-touch interior upholstery provide more comfort during summer months
  • works with Orbit Baby Weather Pack (size Small)

Black / Slate

Ruby / Khaki

Mocha / Khaki

Sleek Pram

Dock the G3 Bassinet on the Stroller Base (sold separately) to form a sleek pram and help you get from place to place

Collapses for travel

Lightweight G3 Bassinet collapses to 6 in to fit in your suitcase