Orbit Bassinet Cradle

A versatile bassinet for the 21st century. Includes the Orbit Rocker, for use with all Orbit Baby seats.

  • rotates on all Orbit Baby strollers and rockers with Orbit's patented SmartHub™ technology
  • easily remove or rotate the Bassinet by just pulling the levers
  • reversible mattress, with cool aero-mesh and warm micro-fiber sides, quickly removes for machine-washing
  • unique UV sunshade lining blocks almost 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • patent-pending soft carrier handle enables much more comfortable and secure carrying compared to traditional moses-basket handles
  • unprecedented flexibility by facing rearward or to the sides on the stroller, or all 4 different directions on the rocker
  • Orbit Baby's exclusive Paparazzi Shield™ (sunshade extension) provides extra coverage for your infant
Advanced Pram

Docked onto the Stroller, the pram finally rolls into the 21st century

Orbit Bassinet Cradle demo

Watch our demo video of the generation-one Orbit Bassinet Cradle