Orbit Baby's Response to HealthyStuff.org

August 3, 2011

Dear Orbit Baby Customer,

We stand behind the safety of our products 100%, and all of the young families at Orbit Baby use our products with complete confidence.

As an industry leader in chemical safety for children, Orbit Baby supports the work of leading experts to promote the restriction of unsafe chemicals in children's products.  We're committed to moving baby gear towards safe-for-your-baby, safe-for-our-planet practices, and we believe we have done more about these commitments than any other gear company. 

In regards to the Child Car Seat Rankings released by HealthyStuff.org - chemical testing is a complex and confusing subject so we will try to explain the issues at hand.  HealthyStuff.org screened infant, convertible and booster car seat samples with a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) device, which gives quick preliminary information about materials.  This "preliminary XRF screening" is the first step in a complete testing program.  In addition to preliminary XRF screening, Orbit Baby also implements higher precision and complete "wet-chemistry testing."  To help illustrate the difference, governmental chemical safety laws are designed around wet chemistry tests since XRF can often lead to inconclusive results.  Moving beyond screening and including testing, we have built a thorough chemical safety program for our products:

  • We do extensive testing of our fabrics and foams to ensure they are safe:
    Our car seat fabrics and foams are checked with preliminary XRF screening.  (Click here to see a sample XRF screening report).  These materials are also tested at independent, accredited labs on a per production basis, to ensure compliance to federal flammability standards, as well as “below detection” limit on bromine with the higher precision wet chemistry tests.
  • We use third party validated and certified materials:
    The fabrics and foams used on all Orbit Baby G2 products adhere to the international Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.  Click here to read more about Orbit Baby’s efforts.
  • Orbit Baby products meet safety regulations not only in the US, but also in Europe and Canada:
    • All of our products are compliant to CPSIA (HR4040) lead limits.
    • All Orbit Baby G2 fabrics meet strict heavy metal limits (European standard EN71-3) on harmful elements.
    • All of our G2 products meet the requirements of Canada's Hazardous Products Act.
  • To read more information about our BFR-free safe flame retardants click here.

As part of our routine screening and testing, we recently sampled our car seat products and saw extremely low levels with all chemicals or elements of concern.  In contrast to the survey published on HealthyStuff.org, our readings were “ND”, meaning they were “not detectable” and below the minimum detection limit of the XRF screening and testing.

Though we always welcome independent testing of our products, we also believe that we do more to confirm the chemical safety of our products than anyone else in the industry.  Through the use of independent laboratories, through sampling many multiples of units, and through controlling the source materials, Orbit Baby is an industry leader in taking real action towards products that are both safe for your baby and safe for our planet.

Email us anytime with any further questions at support@orbitbaby.com. Thank you once again for your support of Orbit Baby.


The Orbit Baby Team