Testimonials: After Impact

Cam C., Florida

Thank you for sending out this letter. After reading it I have to undoubtedly applaud you for making such valid and correct points. As a parent of your product, I read and reread the instruction manual over and over again to ensure that the most precious person in my life would be completely safe when placed into the Orbit car seat.

It is with great satisfaction that I tell how in January of 2009, my 5 month old daughter and I survived a major highway collision. I was driving with her on the westbound highway when a vehicle from the eastbound lane cut across the median, causing me to drive my car directly into hers. Both I and the other driver was going about 100 km an hour, therefore it was a 200 km head-on collision. I suffered a fractured sternum, a dislocated jaw, and serious back and wrist injuries. Our brand new BMW X5 was completely written off because there was over $65,000 of damage. My daughter on the other hand walked away without so much of a scratch on her.

Therefore it is with great conviction that I strongly stand by the level of safety of your product. In my case it proved to be the one thing that saved her life. My daughter is now using the Orbit Toddler Car Seat because I know in my heart that it's the safest and most reliable car seat available on the market. I hope you continue to fight hard against Consumer Reports' false allegations against your product. I know for a fact that every Orbit Baby parent will whole-heartedly stand behind you and your product.

Mark L., California

It is with great pride that my wife and I want to share a story with Orbit Baby. My wife was involved in an automobile accident on August 17th, 2009. My wife Doreen and son Matthew were at a stoplight in the Los Angeles area when they were struck from behind by another vehicle at 30 miles per hour. My son Matthew who was 13 months old was in his Orbit Baby seat at the time of the accident. I am happy to tell you that Matthew was not injured at all and the Orbit Baby car seat performed perfectly. Matthew was kept in place by the restraints, protected by the seat padding and never moved. Other than a little crying due to the impact, he is fine.

My wife and I wish to thank you and your company for producing such a great product and keeping Matthew alive and safe. We will be customers for life and recommend your product to everyone we know. Keep up the great work!

Shawn C., Florida

On June 13, 2009, my wife was exiting the parking lot of our local grocery store. To her surprise a Chevy Tahoe ran a red light and T-boned our truck in the left rear, spinning both vehicles. After the shock of being hit was realized by my wife, she was surprised to find that our 19-month-old was not injured and secured safely in her car seat. The Orbit design and construction is like no other. Friends are impressed with the design and always ask how we found our Orbit, and then our story of our Orbit is shared again. Thanks for an outstanding product.

Ron W., California

I am contacting you to thank you for providing such a well-made product. In January, 2008, my wife and our children were involved in a side impact collision. The other driver was traveling at high speeds and our vehicle sustained substantial damage. We were so grateful that our 7 month old son, Anthony, was safe and protected in his Orbit Car Seat. Although uninjured, our older children were shook up. Anthony, however, barely woke up. The padding and restraints in the car seat kept him securely in place. As parents, the peace of mind that your products provide us in invaluable. Anthony is now traveling in the Orbit Toddler Car Seat. We appreciate so much your commitment to child safety.

Melissa H., New York

January 30, 2010: This is a note of gratitude. We love our Orbit for many reasons, but last night the safety features were fully tested. The construction of the Orbit -- it's so substantial -- was absolutely the reason my daughter was not hurt in the car accident we were in last night. She had not one scratch and nothing was wrong with her -- in fact the seat never even moved! I loved this system before, but you have my total gratitude now.

Thank you for making such a well-designed and well-made product. It made a difference.

Ciara P.

August 15, 2011: On Friday, August 5th, my husband was in a horrific automobile accident. Before I continue, I want to clarify that he did NOT have our son with him; however, the Orbit base and infant car seat were in the back of his truck because he had our son earlier in the day. Also, the seat was turned sideways as he had it turned to get our son out of the truck, but did not turn it back into its rear-facing, locked position because our son was not in the car.

While we are completely unclear as to what happened, what I can tell you is while the vehicle and many 40-50 foot pine trees did not withstand the accident, the Orbit did. When I went to identify the vehicle, I started sobbing when I saw that the Orbit was not only still "intact", but it was still on the base and still firmly in place. To sum it up, from what we know, the vehicle rolled an estimated 8-9 times, many trees were taken out, my husband has seven broken ribs and two broken vertebrae, and the Orbit is unscathed. While we won't be able to use it again due to the debris, glass and general nervousness of unseen damages, I will be investing in another base and infant seat for our next child. Perfect timing as our son is now able to move up to the Orbit toddler seat we have!

I thank you for making such a fabulous product. I will continue to preach the Orbit name and I have actually told the tow-truck driver to tell everyone he knows about the Orbit. My daycare lady is insisting that both of her son's purchase the Orbit system for their babies on the way. I am convinced that had my son been in his car seat at the time of the accident, he would have been saved by this car seat. I have attached some photos of the vehicle and the car seat as we found it inside the vehicle. If you have a weak or sensitive stomach, please don't look.

Thank you again. You are saving lives. Not only of those currently using your product, but those that will be using your product.

A Very Loyal Orbit Mommy,

Jami L.

September 4, 2012: My 5 month old was involved in an accident on Friday while in the truck with my mom. The other driver ran a red light and my mom t-boned her both vehicles were traveling around 50 mph. The woman from the white car had to be cut from the vehicle, and both she and her little girl (yes sadly there was a small child in there) had to be taken to the hospital on stretchers. My mom has some pretty serious injuries from the airbag on her wrist and a HUGE bruise on her knee from where she had to dive into the back seat to get to Hayli because her door would not open.

However, Hayli was completely FINE!!! She cried a little at the sound of the impact my mom tells me, but other than that 5 minutes later she was babbling and playing with her bib on the side of the road. She was in the passengers side back seat, rear facing, in her Orbit Baby car seat. 

I love my Orbit Baby stroller/car seat I love how easy it is to use, I love that its different from other strollers, it's light and easy to store and now I love it because I believe it helped keep my baby safe in what could have been a VERY different outcome. Her safety is invaluable to me but I know I would buy the Orbit Baby a million times over and I recommend it to everyone. 

Anyway I am rambling. I am sure you get stories like this all the time I just wanted to let you know what your product has done for me. Any help replacing my seat and base would be greatly appreciated but not expected. Thank you again for such an amazing product.

Of our entire collection of real-life after impact accounts, we wanted to highlight these as the most informative to customers. We'd like to emphasize that in all the after-impact reports we have received since Orbit Baby car seats have been on the market, we have never received a report of an injury or Orbit Baby car seat separation. - Orbit Baby Customer Care