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Expand the functionality of your Orbit Baby travel system by adding a Car Seat Base G2 for your other car.

Car Seat Base G2

patented StrongArm™ knob allows for a secure installation in only 60 seconds

designed for maximum side-impact protection, with a wide footprint and multi-directional retention

high-end materials and finish complement premium car interiors

molded foam panels protect your car interior

for use rear-facing with Orbit Baby infant and toddler car seats

Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat and Toddler Car Seat dock at nearly any angle onto the SmartHub™ into the car for a convenient and back-saving motion

60-Second Car Seat Installation

Our patented StrongArm™ mechanism is the only one that pulls the seatbelts tight for you, so you can quickly and securely install this car seat simply by turning a knob

Back-Saving Interface

Our patented circular SmartHub™ allows you to dock Orbit Baby car seats into your car from nearly any angle

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G3 Infant Car Seat and Car Seat Base

G3 Infant Car Seat and Car Seat Base

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