Stroller Travel Bag


A collapsible, rolling luggage bag designed to fit Orbit Baby products, optimized for airport handling.

  • designed specifically to fit Orbit Baby products
  • "gate-check" flap and exterior "stroller" screenprinting allow for better airport handling of your stroller gear at the gate
  • interior padded panels accordion-fold to collapse bag for transport, down to 11 inches
  • made with integrated wheels, lifting handles, and wheeling handles for easy transport
  • made with durable luggage-grade nylon fabric
  • has exterior zippered pockets and address tag window, as well as an interior nylon separator
See Stroller Travel Bag in Action

Click to watch a video of the Stroller Travel Bag being used with the generation-one Orbit Toddler Stroller

Gate-Check Flap

Only Orbit Baby's travel bag has the real-world convenience of a "Gate-Check" flap to avoid mix-ups at the airport

Integrated Wheels and Handles

Transport a fully loaded Stroller Travel Bag effortlessly with the integrated wheels and handles

OrbitClips! Tough Love

Featuring the Stroller Travel Bag: Crash testing - who says it's just for car seats?

Padded Interior Panels

Premium padded panels on the interior fold away when you collapse the Stroller Travel Bag