Orbit Base (generation-one) upgrade for Toddler Car Seat use

This upgrade program applies to early generation-one Orbit Bases only. If you have a generation-two (G2) Base, it can safely be used with any Orbit Baby car seat.

If you own a pre-2009 generation-one Orbit Base, you may need to update your Base to extend its use to the Toddler Car Seat. As this product has been discontinued, the online form has been closed, but if your generation-one Base matches the upgrade criteria below, please email [email protected] or call 1-877-672-2229.

Do you have a Green Circular Seal on the Center Base Label?

If you have a Green Circular Seal, your base has already been upgraded for use with the Toddler Car Seat.

No upgrade necessary

If you do not have the Green Circular Seal
Do you have a Grey LATCH Belt?

If your LATCH Belt is Grey, Please email [email protected] or call 1-877-672-2229

Do you have a Black Center Base Label?

If your Center Base Label is black, Please email [email protected] or call 1-877-672-2229

If none of these criteria match your generation-one Base, and your Base has previously been used by a different owner, it is likely that they have upgraded it already. Please contact Orbit Baby to receive a Green Circular Seal for your Base.

All Orbit Bases can be used with the Infant Car Seat, and as such, this upgrade is offered only to Toddler Car Seat users. The Toddler Car Seat may also be used without a Base. Please consult your Toddler Car Seat manual for specific installation instructions.

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