Abbe Murray-Cote

co-founder of Innies ‘n Outies, mom of Griffin Alexander

"The look, feel, quality and sense of pride owning and using the Orbit is fab, but by far, my favorite function is the swivel. The ability to rotate the infant seat is true genius and solves one of the simplest but most prevalent problem situations that parents find themselves in everyday."

Alonzo C.

of California, dad of Theo

Using the car seat in Kauai was a great experience. It was simple to secure with the car seat belt - so simple that we would take it in and out of the car all the time. This contrasted to the other couples who never took out their car seats, because they were so difficult to secure. What's more, in comparing our Orbit installation to theirs, I would have to say that the Orbit was much more secure. It had much less play and movement. The Orbit's installation, along with it's cocoon-like design, helped my wife and me feel quite secure with Theo's car seat safety.

Amanda Righetti

actress and mother of Knox

"Loving the Orbit gear! Knox really digs it too. It's very convenient having the car seat snap in and out of the base. I ended up buying a second base for Jordan's car which makes life a little easier. Knox is so curious. He wants to see what's going on all the time, so he loves being pushed around in the stroller. It's been such a blessing!"

Beverley Mitchell

actress/singer and mother of one

"The Orbit System has been so perfect for our family. Just the ease and convenience has made all the difference! We love to take Kenzie out with us and the ease of the Orbit and being able to rotate and allow her to pull up to the table and be apart of our meals is truly the best. It is definitely a head turner too, everyone is amazed when we can just rotate her around. I am also a huge fan of the ease of getting her in the car without breaking my back! We love the Orbit!"

Catalina and Peter

of Manhattan, parents of Flynn

"Every time someone even looks towards the stroller, my husband is making a full on demonstration as to how the seat attachment is also the car seat, and how the stroller itself folds ("Just one hand...see?"). We recently took it with us on a trip to South America (both Venezuela and Colombia), and I had actually bought a small fold up stroller thinking the Orbit would be too bulky to travel with. It turns out, I was smart in choosing to take the Orbit with me on our travels. While in South America, my parents had borrowed a car seat that one) had no neck support and two) frankly, visually, it didn't convince me of its safety. We used the Orbit car seat without the base and boy was that a lifesaver."

Christa Miller

star of TV show "Scrubs" and mother of three

"Oh my goodness I love my Orbit Stroller!"

Courtney Lopez

Broadway dancer and mother of two

"Thank you to my favorite stroller/car seat! Dominic has been loving the car seat since we brought him home and today he'll use the stroller for the first time."

Cuttino Mobley

former NBA player

"I'm writing to give praise to Orbit Baby. Our children feel safe and have fun at the same time. There are so many different things you can load on to it and have the baby in the stroller at same time. Thumbs up to Orbit baby you make life easier for us."


of Bend, OR

“The Orbit Baby system is one of the best designed and functional products that I own. I could honestly not do without it- it makes your life so much easier due to its functional and well thought out design. As with most, if not all, baby products, when deciding to purchase them, you have little information and really do not know what works because you don't have the baby yet. You are filled with fear, joy and anticipation of the arrival of your little one. You don’t know what you need and what product will serve your needs best. When purchasing a stroller/car seat, just buy the Orbit Baby and you will purchase one of the best products you will ever own. My wife and I are extremely happy and satisfied with our Orbit Baby. It is a superlative product by reason of its ergonomic, functional and well thought out design. Simply put, in a world of too much gear, it is a must have- can't do without piece of baby gear. It is a fantastic product that is easy to use and really saves your back. It makes getting the car seat into the car without having to strain your back a breeze and allows you to rotate it in the car as you place the baby in the seat. Also the stroller is well designed and easy to operate in an airport or with your hands full with a simple twist of your wrist. Really ingenious. Also the best part is that the system allows you to transfer the whole seat to the stroller without having to wake the baby, take her out of the car seat and put her in the Stroller. The product is extremely well designed and functional. Though a bit more pricey than other products, it is worth every cent and we love it. Also the customer service at orbit has been great and responsive."

Desiree and Brian

of California, parents of 11-week old Dillon

"The Orbit Baby Stroller is the most functional of any stroller that I researched and "test drove." "Better than Bugaboo, Peg Perego, MacLaren, not just BETTER, the BEST. It is safe and secure for your little one - nice and "cozy wozy." The 360 degree spin feature makes getting in and out of the car a breeze and the one handed collapsible stroller feature makes life so much easier. As any parent can attest, the little things make such a difference, they make life so much easier, and the people at Orbit know this - they designed this stroller with babies and parents-using-one-hand-most-of-the-time, in mind. "Everywhere I go, people comment on my stroller. Even people without children, okay? It is a serious head-turner. But the most serious thing about Orbit stroller is that it's safe and lightweight."


of Cumming, GA

"I'm reminded how wonderful the Orbit is when I see other women struggling to put their travel system stroller into the back of their SUV. They need the SUV just to carry those humongous things around!"

Emma Bing

inspriation for her mother, Heidi Muroff's book "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

"Since we live in Los Angeles, Lennox and I spend way too much of our day in the car. That means our day orbits around our car seat. Happily, our car seat orbits, too -- spinning around to make our many in-and-outs (from the mall to the supermarket to music class to playgroup...and of course, to grandma's) easy on my back, and easy on my boo. What's more, it's super comfortable for Lennox -- making him a happy camper on his "Orbits" around town. And -- this is my favorite part -- there's no waking him when he nods off on rides. He can fall asleep in the car and stay asleep at the market -- I just snap his seat into to the stroller. Makes traveling with Lennox, well, a snap!"

Eric Christian Olsen

actor and father of Wyatt

"I love the orbit system. It's a game changer. It takes me literally 4 seconds to make the transfer from the car to the stroller. Best purchase ever."

Eric Ladin

actor and father of Maxfield

"We get stopped regularly and asked where we got our Orbit Baby Stroller. In addition to being good looking, which let's be honest, is key, the stroller is extremely functional. Perhaps best of all it is both durable and easy to break down so it is ideal for traveling. Thanks again Orbit Baby!" - Eric & Katy Ladin

Explorer Richard C. Wiese

columnist & host of World Explorer adventure documentaries and the BBC’s Hell on Earth

"The lighter frame and maneuverability makes me feel like I am driving a European sports car versus a Hummer."

Genevieve Padalecki

actress, wife of Supernatural actor, Jared Padalecki, and mother of two

"We LOVE our Orbit!! It is such an incredible stroller and our kids are so incredibly comfortable! It is easy to maneuver and fold up and the cup holders and storage are great!!"

Heidi Powell

Personal trainer/reality show personality and mother of four

“With the busy life we lead, and 4 kids – I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the Orbit System! It’s simple to maneuver and makes travelling so easy!”

Iain S., D.C.

of Scottsdale, AZ

"From an ergonomic/biomechanic/chiropractic view point, this design is absolutely brilliant! I am a Chiropractor and am constantly stressing to my patients how important proper posture and biomechanics are for injury prevention. Your design enables a parent to hold the car seat closer to their center of mass, which reduces the overall stress load on the spine. This is extremely important when putting the car seat into the back seat of a car, where space may be limited and cause a parent to perform any number of contortions to complete. The further away a load is carried from a persons’ center of mass, the greater the stress placed on the spine (primarily the lower back) and the more likely it is to result in an injury. Furthermore, traditional car seats must be placed into or removed from a car sideways. This means that the parent has to lift and hold a load with their arms extended to their sides. This position places a great deal of stress on the shoulder joints and muscles, especially the rotator cuff muscles. These smaller shoulder stabilizing muscles are very commonly and easily injured. I’m sure many of your customers really appreciate the insight and research that was placed into designing your product. What they may not fully appreciate is the fact that your design, while being much easier to handle and use, also goes a long way to prevent them from injuring themselves."

Jamie Anne Allman

actress and mother of twin boys

"Everywhere we go people are impressed with the Double Helix. They say, 'It looks like the Mercedes of strollers.' We are simply loving it. It is by far our favorite baby product that we own. Our boys are growing up so fast and we are loving every minute of it."

Jason T.

of San Francisco, CA

"We live in a town with a lot of cobble streets and rough terrain and pushing the stroller is always easy. We've also been traveling, and taking the Orbit with us has been a breeze. While we are out of town we rely on public transit & taxis to get around and bringing the Orbit has been great. "Aesthetically the Orbit rocks. It's been a great conversation starter in Old Town Alexandria, and here in SF we are seeing more and more of them on the streets."


mother of 3

"It was a wonderful surprise to be provided with both great and knowledgeable help via phone and email. I will now have even better things to say about your company other than that I love the products. I can now also add that you have wonderful customer service."

Jessica Alba

model/actress and mother of two

"Orbit is my favorite. You can use it as a car seat and a stroller so you never have to take the baby out. Then when the baby gets bigger you can put a toddler seat in. It's also eco-friendly." - FitPregnancy.com

Jessica St. Clair

actress, writer, comedian and mother of Isobel

"This new stroller is insanely amazing. Took it for our first spin and she was as happy as a clam. I will tell everyone I know about this one!"

Kelly Stables

actress and mother of Kendrick

“How do I begin to rave about my Orbit Baby stroller? I looove it,” Kelly says. “First of all it’s narrow, so it’s great to use when shopping. Secondly, it’s compact and not hard for a blonde to figure out how to fold up. The added bonus is I love that it can turn 360 degrees. That makes it easier taking it in and out of my car. But Kendrick loves it more than I do. I can tell he’s so cozy in there. I go on walks with him almost every day in the Orbit. The Orbit stroller and car seat are super smooth, and super cute.” - celebritybabyscoop.com

Kyla V.

of Chicago, IL

“We’re constantly traveling, and Orbit Baby really does make the ultimate travel system – our daughter is 9 months old, and we’ve already been on over 40 plane trips with her using the Stroller Travel System.”

Laura S.


Dear Orbit Baby, At the age of 25, I was diagnosed with a genetic spine condition that caused my discs to become easily damaged and, in my case, begin tearing one by one. My husband and I had to put off having a baby until 10 years later after a new, experimental surgery to replace my broken discs. While I was strong enough to carry a child, we have had to be creative with baby care. I am not strong enough to walk around carrying our 5-month-old (who of course is in the top percentiles for length and weight!), so we have many gadgets and gizmos to put her in. As a newborn, we could put her in a light-weight car seat and pop that in and out of the car, but since she grew so fast, we needed to find a new seat system. I knew I would not be able to lift the whole system out of a car like I did with the infant seat and, given my condition, I can't bend and twist to take her out of a traditional seat. We looked and looked and looked for a car seat that would swivel toward the door, with very little luck. I was dumbfounded at the fact that no one had thought of this. Then, a friend pointed me toward the Orbit Baby G2 Toddler seat and I almost cried with relief. I can now ferry my precious daughter around by myself in a way that is safe for both her and me. I am truly grateful to you and wanted to let you know that while for most people you are offering convenience, to a smaller subset, you are offering hope, independence, and a healthier future with their children.

Leigh Rawdon

CEO and co-founder of Tea Collection, mom of Adam

"My husband and I try hard not to fill our house with the typical plastic primary colored gear that comes along with having a baby. The Orbit allows us to reduce the number of pieces that we need because it functions as a stroller and a car seat. We love the rotating SmartHub - makes it so easy to get our baby in and out of the car and it makes it easy to sit at any table at a café because we can rotate him to face us. We also love the Cargo Pod - and I am finding that I am using it as our only diaper bag - it is easily accessible from the stroller and so easy to take anywhere. From city streets, walks in the suburbs, restaurants, traveling in the car, and negotiating through airports, we haven't found a time or place that the Orbit isn't perfect."

Leslie Venokur

co-founder of Big City Moms in New York City

"Samantha absolutely loves her Orbit - I think she'd rather sleep in her stroller than her crib! Thanks again!!"

Lindsay Sloane

actress and mother of Maxwell

"The Orbit infant car seat is a game changer!! The fact that it rotates and you don't have to contort your body into a near impossible position to get the car seat in and out of the car saved me! The first few years of parenthood are so hard on our bodies, the Orbit is a small little gift to help you get through."

Margaret P.

of Chicago, IL

We are soooo loving the Orbit Baby Stroller!! The stroller is so easy to navigate. My daughter and I have gone to our local mall and get so many comments and questions about the stroller. Of course I tell them what kind it is and to look Orbit Baby up!

Megan of Plymouth, MA

about Orbit's appearance on NBC's The Office

"I watched The Office last night and was crying it was so funny. Dwight exemplified why we purchased the Orbit in the first place. You will never need to place ads, Dwight proved to everyone that the Orbit is the safest and most durable stroller out there. And seeing Jan with the Rocker and Bassinet made me so jealous that I never got them. Maybe for the next baby."

Melissa Joan Hart

model/actress, philanthropist, and mother of three

"Only parents could design products that are incredibly useful, safe and make sense at the same time. We are in love with the way Orbit products continue to amaze us with every new baby and growing child we bring into this world."

Melissa Joan Hart

model/actress, philanthropist, and mother of three

"The Orbit system is incredible. It's not only sleek looking, but it is the most functional system out there. I love all the interchanging parts and the way you can swivel the baby around in the car seat and on the stroller base. This comes in very handy in tight restaurants when the baby is asleep and you don't want to take them out."

Michelle Monaghan

actress and mother of two

"We are absolutely in love with our Orbit G3 system! The quality as well as the versatility are unparalleled. It will grow with us for years to come. By the way, the attachable toddler skateboard is a MUST!"

Natasha R.

of Portland, OR

"I just want to thank you for designing such a wonderful product. Before my baby was born, I researched a lot of car seat-bassinette-stroller systems available on the market. Being a hand therapist by training, and married to a physical therapist, I was quite aware of the challenges many new parents have handling their babies: from bad backs, strained necks, to sore elbows and hands. So when I first saw the Orbit Baby product, I immediately saw the advantages it offered in body mechanics. And there was no other product that compared to the Orbit Baby. The beautiful color (I chose the brown, but the black looks just as nice), the sleek design, the pleasantness of the fabric & materials, and the ergonomics of the seat, the handles and the fold-up mechanism--all of these features continue to amaze us with each use. I cannot tell you how many people asked me in the airport or on the street about the stroller. And every time I talk about it to strangers, I feel lucky to have the Orbit Baby for our baby girl. A parent always wants the best for their child. So I feel like I am on the right track thanks to you guys."

Pam and Paul C.

of California

"Our first child is due any day now, and today I took the car seat in to be inspected for proper installation. I thought you would get a kick out of my experience: "As the inspectors began to check everything out, they kept exclaiming how each tiny little feature totally fixed a common problem of other car seats. They joked about how they were always talking about what the perfect car seat design would be, and how this car seat even exceeded everything they had dreamt up. They really had nothing to say other than that it was perfectly installed, was the most secure car seat they had ever seen, and then ended up thanking me for teaching them about the Orbit. "It is a true testament to the engineering marvel that the Orbit is by how impressed the inspectors were with the product. Keep up the good work!"

Rachael Leigh Cook

actress, model, voice artist, producer and mother of Charlotte

"The stroller and car seat are absolutely fantastic and we are just loving their design and convenience. Charlotte never complains about being restrained and from what I hear that is nothing short of a miracle!"

Randi & Boaz S.

of New York, parents of Mayer

"We find ourselves using the Orbit Baby stroller over our Bugaboo stroller - it's much easier to fold down, get in and out of cabs with impatient cab drivers and you can fit into restaurants with it. We get stopped every 3 blocks with people commenting how cool it looks, or asking us questions about it."

Samantha D.

"I just wanted to send you guys a note to let you know how much I appreciate your products!

Yesterday in the area that my family currently lives (Northern California); we were hit with a pretty severe rain storm. I was at work yesterday around 1 p.m. and received a phone call that my Nanny had hydroplaned on highway 24 and spun out of control hitting a tree and totaling her car. My youngest child who was in your generation 1 baby car seat (which I bought 6 years ago for my oldest child), saved his life! Everyone was able to walk away from the accident unharmed. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for such a well-made car seat , and that it did what it was supposed to do! (Save a life). I am forever grateful!

We had to retire that car seat; which has transported 3 babies in its lifetime, but are anxious to purchase a new one. Thank you so much for all that you guys do!"

Sarah and Mike K.

of California

"The Orbit stroller was the ONLY stroller we found that fit into the trunk of our Mini Cooper without having to put the back seat down. "Some people gave us a hard time for spending so much, but a few minutes into the conversation they always admit that they were on their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th (average priced) stroller, and their baby was just about one years old! - So, they spent MORE on their strollers AND struggled with each one. "We watched other parents spend over 30 minutes figuring out how to install a car seat base in their (or the grandparents) cars-with the Orbit it takes the most mechanically challenged person about 1 minute. "We love the swivel feature and use it all the time to keep the sun out of Ethan's eyes. The sunshade is also great for that. The diaper bag is the only diaper bag we use! The SERVICE at Orbit is superior to luxury car dealerships. Any problem you may have, they will help you quickly."

Sean Patrick Thomas

actor and father of two

"We really do love the system, and we get questions about it all the time and are happy to share what we know about the Orbit."

Sheila Hafsadi

wife of actor, Jackson Rathbone, and mother of one

"We love our new stroller and use it everywhere we go! It's so nice that I can turn him to face any direction I want (Really great for sitting at tables) and I love that I can cover him up almost completely with the sunshade."

Sofia Dickens

TV host of ChannelOne News

"As a national tv host and traveling speaker, I needed a stroller that could keep up with our crazy lifestyle. After 50 flights and 30 cities, Orbit Baby has proven to be the ideal stroller system from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the streets of Manhattan, the forests of Wyoming, and the beaches of Southern California. The Orbit Baby stroller system tops the list for my all-time favorite baby product... It has proven to be the most clever, stylish, and effortless stroller system on the market!"


of Chicago, IL

"I love how well constructed the pieces are and the obvious thought that went into the design from the soft interiors that are a wiz to keep clean, to the durable yet stylish exterior."

Tori Spelling

actress and mother of four, star of her family's own reality show

"The Orbit Stroller. It's the best thing since sliced bread, because it's so functional. It turns 360˚, it's portable, and as a car seat it's very secure in the car." - when asked by People.com to list her infant and child essentials.

Veena G.

of Danville, CA

I am in love with our Orbit Toddler Seat. It is fabulous! We are such huge fans! I will absolutely send some pictures. We love it because it is the only car seat available right now that is Okeo-Tex certified. My little man has really bad eczema so materials that are organic, heavy metal dye free and have less flame retardant qualities make a HUGE difference in our car comfort. I could blog and tweet about your products forever! we have them all and are such HUGE fans of you guys! Orbit Baby rocks!

Yukon and Haruko

parents of 3-month-old Taisuke, in California

"As first time parents, the amount of equipment a baby needs is a little daunting - especially on an outing. Luckily, we have been fortunate enough to start off parenthood with the Orbit Baby. The all in one system of car seat, stroller, and pod (which we have been using as a diaper bag) makes going out less complicated."

Zuluaga's Family

Orlando, FL

"My baby is the biggest Orbit fan ever. He is really happy with this new Toddler Car Seat, and the comfort of it is just outstanding!!! You guys have the best product ever and the customer service behind this product makes Orbit the best of the best in the market. There's not a day when people do not ask about this stroller and of course we are more than happy to offer a free demo ;-) "Ranking from 1 to 10 (10 being the best): Product: 10. Customer Support: 10."

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